Moss Island Top Rope

Heather was excited for a trip to Nine Corners on Sunday, but our schedule was tight and my tendons were still throbbing from the previous day. Instead, we opted for a brief afternoon of toproping at Moss Island, with our friend Jesse tagging along.

Lacking time and gear, we were only able to set up a single anchor at the top of a classic 5.8 named Sno-White. Jesse and I both sent the route, but I struggled mentally on the exposed portion. After a year of just bouldering, I’d forgotten the unnerving sensation of dangling from a cliff (even a small one).

Heather in a harness!

This was Heather’s first experience climbing on a rope, so the fear of heights severely tainted her first few attempts. But soon her ambition kicked in: she focused on the moves, and was able to push through the route’s first crux just before we ran out of time.

It was also Heather’s first time on belay, and she was a great student: after a few trial teaching runs, she belayed me with perfect technique. Best of all, she can’t wait to get back on the rope and finish the route!

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