Laziness at Snowy Mountain

Heather and I took a lazy Sunday trip to Snowy Mountain yesterday. Daylight Saving Time ended the night before, so we had even fewer hours to climb than usual.

Highlights of the day included:

  1. Perfect weather. We climbed a few easier problems: Mighty Mouse V0, Bulbous V1, Roast Beef Taco V2, and Adirondack Gold V3. But most of the day was spent lounging on crash pads, enjoying the sun.
  2. Finally sending Humps V5, which has been a project of mine for years. I spent a handful of tries working out the beta, then sent on what would have been my last attempt of the day. But I dabbed lightly on the crash pad, so while Heather went around the corner to retrieve a backpack, I snuck in a quick repeat send. Very satisfying.
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