Ski Season Roundup

With temperatures in the 70s and snow melting fast, it’s finally safe to say that the spring bouldering season has arrived in the Adirondacks. Most winters, I spend a significant amount of time climbing (indoors and out), but this season I devoted nearly all of my free time to skiing. Here are a few photo highlights to send winter on its way.

The season started slower than ever at McCauley Mountain, with rocks and thin cover.

But after a few storms, winter almost seemed normal.

We skied Snow Ridge at night, glades during the day, and even hiked in Newcomb for a few turns.

Eventually the rocks filled in and moguls appeared.

The season’s theme was thin snow and great grooming, but a few powder days saved our sanity. I even found a new “secret” stash for next year.

Eventually we found our way to Gore Mountain, where the snow was sparser than I’ve ever seen.

But back at McCauley, spring skiing was excellent. Bluebird skies, soft snow, and smiles were everywhere.

When the snow finally melted, it was time to ski everything else.

One of the worst snow years in history ended up as one of the best in terms of fun. I can’t wait for next winter, but in the meantime, let’s go climb some rocks.

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