Nine Corners, 9/14

First thing: Pop or Drop! It’s the most classic line of its grade at Nine Corners. It’s also only a V4, but one that’s never quite worked for me, so I’ve been projecting it off and on since 2004 (nine years!).

Nine Corners attracted a big crowd and plenty of crash pads on Saturday, so I thought I’d rehearse the opening moves a few times to warm up, in the hope of maybe sending later in the season. But thanks to some new beta advice, I found myself past the crux, with Andy, Justin, and Rodney shouting me through the top out. All the credit goes to them for their beta and support. In the decade I’ve been climbing, this was the highlight—I just wish Heather had been there to see it!

Otherwise, it was a nearly perfect day at the boulders. After the swarm of college kids dissipated, we spent the rest of the day climbing around the main set with a few of Justin’s friends. Other highlights:

  • Justin FAing a crazy line starting like Try or Cry, and finishing as One Might Think.
  • Andy finally climbing Tower of Power, an intimidating V0 highball.
  • Meeting new climbing friends and hanging out in perfect Fall conditions.

Definitely a top-ten climbing day!

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