McKenzie Pond, 9/26

I’m a bit backlogged with trip reports, so this one will be short. Heather and I took a few days off from work for a brief Lake Placid mini-vacation, and hit up the McKenzie Pond boulders for a few hours. Andy drove up from Utica to join us.

Heather had been begging to go to McKenzie for months, and didn’t waste this opportunity. She:

  • Blazed through Makaia’s Problem, normally difficult for her.
  • Sent her goal for the day, Popsicle, a tall slab with a high crux.
  • Sent The Orient Express, an overhung traverse (her anti-style).
  • Projected and reached the crux on Dickens, a very reachy, overhung face.

It ended up as one of Heather’s best-ever climbing days, and we all came away thrilled at her success. She’s showing huge improvement lately!


Lesson of the day: never call a flash on a lowball V0!

Andy had a great day as well, repeating Slobodon, Dickens, Great Roof of China, and almost repeating Flux Capacitor. He also sent Shtickums for the first time, in scary and epic fashion. It’s good to make your spotters nervous every once in a while!

My day started mixed — I’d been hoping to finally send Slobodon, but after repeatedly working through the opening moves, I couldn’t find a way to finish the slopey topout sequence. The rest of the day was easy repeats until I sent Dickens, a scary little confidence booster!

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