Jay Mountain, 9/27

Heather climbs one of Jay’s false summits

Bouldering at McKenzie Pond had wiped us out the previous day, so Heather and I took it easy with a hike up Jay Mountain. Jay sits about 25 minutes northeast of Lake Placid, in one of the more remote corners of the Park, so it sees less traffic than many of the High Peaks.

The trail, recently rebuilt, is a moderate walk with only a few steep pitches. It’s a little over 3 miles, with the second half traversing a rocky and mostly open ridge to the summit. We were completely socked in by clouds for the ascent. But rather than detracting from the experience, the lack of visibility granted the hike an appealing sense of alpine desolation.

We retreated just before the true summit, concerned about time and the long drive home. And just as we began to descend, the sun finally fought its way out.

Jay is a beautiful, highly-recommended hike, and one of my new favorites in the Adirondacks.

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