Coming back to life

No, this site isn’t dead — it just needed some rest. This year has been a string of injuries, poor health, a busy schedule, and infrequent climbing, which left me very little motivation to write. Injuries My physical issues started … Continued

Jay Mountain, 9/27

Heather climbs one of Jay’s false summits Bouldering at McKenzie Pond had wiped us out the previous day, so Heather and I took it easy with a hike up Jay Mountain. Jay sits about 25 minutes northeast of Lake Placid, … Continued

Take off your shoes

If you haven’t heard, there’s a hot new ethics controversy in the climbing world: while developing a new route in Lake Tahoe, Joe Kinder cut down some old juniper trees to “make the climb safe for the future climbers”, then … Continued

The human nature of climbing

From one of my favorite climbing blogs, an exploration of the naming and identification of rock climbs: Who would have the guts to create a new climbing area without names? “What’s this route called?” a visitor might ask. “Well, it’s … Continued

McKenzie Pond, 9/26

I’m a bit backlogged with trip reports, so this one will be short. Heather and I took a few days off from work for a brief Lake Placid mini-vacation, and hit up the McKenzie Pond boulders for a few hours. … Continued

Green Lake Boulders, 9/15

The Green Lake boulders have been an attractive destination lately — their short approach and limited climbing is perfect for half-day trips. So we headed out there again, this time with our good friend Jesse along for the fun. As … Continued

Nine Corners, 9/14

First thing: Pop or Drop! It’s the most classic line of its grade at Nine Corners. It’s also only a V4, but one that’s never quite worked for me, so I’ve been projecting it off and on since 2004 (nine … Continued

Green Lake Sessions

Our tiny crew made a couple of trips to the Green Lake Boulders in Caroga Lake last week. Andy and I put in a short night session Thursday after work, then we returned with Heather on Sunday morning. Green Lake … Continued

Lazy Summer

Due to a combination of busy-ness, laziness, and record-breaking summer heat, this blog hasn’t seen much action lately. We’ve been taking it easy in our spare time: running, slacklining, and drinking a few too many beers. But life is slowing … Continued

“Sick Day” at Nine Corners

Andy, Brian, Nina, and I spent a surprisingly warm day at Nine Corners yesterday. It wasn’t a productive session for any of us, but we all worked a bit on our projects and enjoyed a pleasant day in the forest. … Continued