Ski Season Roundup

With temperatures in the 70s and snow melting fast, it’s finally safe to say that the spring bouldering season has arrived in the Adirondacks. Most winters, I spend a significant amount of time climbing (indoors and out), but this season … Continued

Rock Pond Boulder Hunting

The sky threatened to rain all day Sunday, so Heather and I skipped a day of climbing in favor of more boulder-hunting. We started late, so were forced to choose a semilocal destination: Rock Pond near Old Forge. Aside from … Continued

Pinnacle Boulders

I located a large pile of talus in the woods recently, so Andy and I took advantage of a rest day to hike in and scout for boulders. Parking is at a DEC trailhead at the end of Pinnacle Road … Continued

Laziness at Snowy Mountain

Heather and I took a lazy Sunday trip to Snowy Mountain yesterday. Daylight Saving Time ended the night before, so we had even fewer hours to climb than usual. Highlights of the day included: Perfect weather. We climbed a few … Continued

Fall Friction at Nine Corners

Heather, Andy, and I hit the road for another trip to Nine Corners last weekend. The temperature and humidity are finally inching toward Fall conditions, so projects were on our minds. We set up base camp at the Lookout boulder, … Continued

Southern Adirondack Bouldering Competition

Last weekend, Caroga Lake hosted the annual Southern Adirondack Rock Climbing Festival. As part of the festival, a bouldering competition was held at Nine Corners Lake boulders on Saturday. I was scheduled for a friend’s bachelor party at 2:00 pm, but … Continued

Moss Island Top Rope

Heather was excited for a trip to Nine Corners on Sunday, but our schedule was tight and my tendons were still throbbing from the previous day. Instead, we opted for a brief afternoon of toproping at Moss Island, with our … Continued

More Nine Corners Bouldering

The temperatures have started to show signs of Fall’s approach, so Andy and I took another trip to Nine Corners last Saturday. The plan, as before, was to continue acclimating our skin and tendons to the approaching sending season. Arriving … Continued

Stony Creek Boulder Hunting – Part 2

The weather’s been cooling off lately, so Andy, Heather, and I took a trip back up to the Middle Settlement Lake area yesterday for another attempt at finding new boulders. Arriving at the trailhead, we expected another onslaught of horse … Continued